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Department of State - Agency Wide

Foreign Service Facility Manager

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Job Location

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Job Description

The U.S. Department of State is developing a rank-ordered list of eligible hires for a limited number of Foreign Service Facility Manager positions. Visit for more information on a career with the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO). Joining the Foreign Service is more than just salary. Refer to the Benefits section for more information on total compensation. This is a6217Foreign Service position equivalent to the1640 CS Series.

Location: Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Posted Date: 9/1/2021

Job Requirements

Specialized Experience demonstrates that the applicant has acquired, and is able to apply, a combination of specific knowledge, skills and abilities appropriate to this Foreign Service position. All such experience MUST have been performed within the last 10 years. For the minimum required years of Specialized Experience necessary relative to the highest level of completed education, please see the Education Requirements section. To qualify as Specialized Experience, the duties MUST have a combination of the components listed below for at least 60% of the work duties. Part-time work experience will be prorated. Facility Management: Managing facility operations and maintenance activities at commercial office and/or residential apartment buildings and/or inventory of multiple properties to include grounds. Planning maintenance activities. Developing and overseeing preventative and non-preventative maintenance and repair programs. Project Management: Initiating, planning, executing, and monitoring projects such as construction, renovation, rehabilitation and/or maintenance and repair projects. Contract Management: Drafting scopes of work and specifications, managing contracts and monitoring contractor performance. Supervision and Talent Management: Supervising and leading teams of three or more staff in facility management, facility engineering, engineering in general, architectural design, construction, or project management. Assigning work and setting goals, justifying position requests, writing position descriptions, hiring, training and evaluating. Resource Management: Advocating for resources, preparing budget estimates and plans, and managing budgets. Management and Technical: Versed in technical/engineering operations and facilities management best practices. Working knowledge of building systems and equipment to include Building Automation Systems. Working with projects that require specialized knowledge of engineering drawings and design. Familiarity with safety, physical security, environmental safety and health practices and procedures. Working knowledge of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and project management software. Knowledge, Skills, and Other Characteristics Knowledge of facility maintenance management planning, safety and physical security practices and procedures, environmental safety and health practices and procedures, acquisition and contracting procedures to include service contracts, contractor performance and statements of work, basic facility accounting, computer applications, facility management fundamentals, physical plant operations, and technical expertise, knowledge of physical plant operation, building structures, and grounds, architectural and engineering drawings, facility condition inspection, EEO policies, construction methods, human resources/talent management policies, building codes, facility warranty process, machines and tools, cost analysis, and principles of real property inventory and methods. Familiarity with design applications such as CAD isdesirable. Specialized skills in customer service; being adaptable and resilient; leadership; interpersonal relationships; active listening; project management; time management; working with others with diverse backgrounds; motivating employees and others; managing laterally and upward; resource management; building relationships; critical thinking; leading a multinational workgroup; risk analysis; self-development; formulating cost and planning estimates; personnel evaluating and interviewing; computer technology; writing statements of work; architectural and engineering drawings; managing installation; data analysis; and negotiation. General skills in persuasion, mathematics, monitoring, social perceptiveness, coordination, service orientation, management of financial resources, learning strategies, instructing, operations analysis, management of personnel resources, active learning, management of material resources, complex problem identification, equipment selection, science, negotiation, systems evaluation, judgment and decision making, systems analysis, quality control analysis; operation monitoring, operation and control, troubleshooting, installation, equipment maintenance, technology and design, and repairing. Superior oral and written communication skills: in order to perform the duties of an FM, successful applicants must consistently meet a high standard for English, both written (overall structure as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation) and spoken (overall structure as well as delivery, clarity and succinctness). Other requirements: cross-cultural interest, tolerance of travel, tolerance of working overseas, tolerance of varying work environments, worldwide availability, tolerance of living away from family, continuous learning, attention to detail, dependability, accountability, integrity and willing to perform other duties. Essential Physical Requirements: Some of the essential functions of the Facility Management (FM) job have a physically demanding component. In the execution of the duties and tasks listed above, Facility Managers MUST have: Mental Endurance: Ability to maintain attention for extended periods or work long hours. Speaking: Ability to speak clearly enough so others will understand, including speaking to groups. Mobility: Ability to walk moderate distances, climb stairs, or access work stations and vehicles. Climbing: Ability to climb stairs, ladders, and other inclines. Vision: Ability to see objects that are near, far, or at night. Tolerance for Extreme Environmental Conditions: Ability to tolerate heat, cold, noise, or pollution. Hearing: Ability to hear speech or other sounds, possibly including sufficient sensitivity to hear sounds of low volume or in noisy environments. Physical Endurance: Ability to perform movements repeatedly or continually, possibly including the ability to stand for extended periods or take frequent extended trips by plane or car. Crawling: Ability to crawl under, around, or over objects. Torso Flexibility: Ability to bend, stretch, stoop, twist, or reach. Strength: Ability to lift, push, pull, carry, climb ladders, or balance. Dexterity: Ability to manipulate small objects with hands or fingers.
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September 1, 2021
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