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Foreign Service Financial Management Officer

Job Location:

Overseas and Domestic Opportunities - Washington, DC, United States

Job Description:

Open Period: 04/25/2018 to 05/08/2018
Salary: $55,929 to $82,134 per year

Foreign Service Financial Management Officers (FMO) serve at any of approximately 130 Foreign Service posts throughout the world and the United States (U.S.), including the Regional Financial Service Centers in Bangkok, Thailand, and Charleston, South Carolina. Overseas, they are responsible for the management of the financial activities of diplomatic and consular posts, including services to other U.S. government (USG) agencies.

Areas of responsibility include:

- Budgets and Financial Plans Services
- Accounts and Records Services
- Payrolling Services
- Vouchering Services
- Cashiering Services

The Department of State is developing a rank-order list of eligible hires for a limited number of FSS vacancies based on the needs of the Department.

To learn more about the Department of State and a career as an FSS, please visit us at http://careers.state.gov/work/foreign-service/specialist/career-tracks.

FMOs are responsible for the management of the financial activities of our diplomatic and consular posts abroad, at our Financial Services Centers, and in Washington, D.C. Typical duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Serve as Chief Financial Officer at the assigned location and act as certifying officers for USG agencies, with responsibility for the correctness and propriety of all payments.
- Provide a full range of financial services including development of budgets and financial plans, control of obligations and expenditures, preparation and audit of payment vouchers, administration of payroll plans, salary and allowance payments, cashier operations, the purchase of foreign currencies, and disbursement of funds.
- Negotiate and administer agreements with other USG agencies to provide administrative support services through Department of State facilities and personnel.
- Establish and maintain close relations with local banking officials and fiscal authorities, and conduct negotiations concerning exchange rates and banking services.
- Assist managers in program decision-making and planning by analyzing financial aspects of various programs so that managers can determine the best use of limited resources.
- Help develop and maintain the Department's financial management system, ensuring compatibility with requirements of the Office of Management and Budget, the General - Accounting Office and the Treasury Department, and that it meets user needs for accurate, timely financial data and processing.
- Utilize computers to record, analyze and report financial data and plans.
- Train and supervise Locally Employed Staff, U.S. Direct Hire Staff and contractors who provide continuity to the accounting and financial work done overseas and domestically.
- Establish controls, using policy guidelines and generally accepted accounting standards, for the prevention of waste, fraud and mismanagement.

This job is open to…
Must be a U.S. citizen. Potential applicants should read the entire announcement to ensure that they meet all of the requirements and understand a Foreign Service career.

Job Requirements:

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How To Apply:

Please refer to job posting for instructions on how to apply.

Contact Information:

Contact: Department of State HR/REE/REC
U.S. Department of State
Email: careers@state.gov
Website: http://careers.state.gov/engage/events


April 27, 2018

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