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Field Investigations Officer

Job Location:

Nairobi, Kenya

Job Description:

The Field Investigations Officer is a new position in the Central Coordination Unit. His/her role is to elevate the field investigations level in each project, develop new trust building methods and field investigations techniques and ensure the professional level of investigators in the Network.

Specifically the duties of the Field Investigations Officer are:

- Safety and security of investigators
- Elevating quality of investigations across the network
- Innovation in field investigation methods
- Ensure members adhere to the Operational Procedures Manual investigation methods
- Issue new procedures in Operational Procedures Manual and ensure assimilation
- Open source internet investigations
- Ensure appropriate investigation equipment is available for each member
- Direct training in-country
- Daily advise and trouble-shooting for members
- Coaching and backstopping for members
- Identifying gaps in member projects and supporting solutions
- Coordinating exchange of investigators
- Developing foreign investigators solutions for in-country work with members
- Assist Network Investigations Officer, where needs be

More information – www.eagle-enforcement.org
Are you interested? Contact info@eagle-enforcement.org

Job Requirements:

The EAGLE Network is looking for professionals with some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa. We are looking for individuals with strong personal engagement and internal motivation to effect change in Africa through activism, fighting wildlife crime and corruption.

The position is based in Nairobi with frequent long missions in Central and West Africa. Salaries are modest.


- Ability to adapt to pressure and stress
- Strong ability to think creatively and outside of the box
- Self-sufficient, independent and able to travel alone in new regions
- Strong resilience and perseverance until results are achieved
- Experience in volunteering and strong personal value system and non-conformism
- Some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa and outside of it, liking diversity
- Strong desire to effect change in society
- Ability to speak French and English

How To Apply:

Send your CV and motivation letter to info@eagle-enforcement.org

Contact Information:

Contact: Jana Hajduchova
EAGLE Network
Phone: +254 704 419 151
Email: Jana@eagle-enforcement.org
Website: www.eagle-enforcement.org


November 21, 2016

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